30-min online coaching sessions to feel confident about passing the NCE

NCEExamPrep COACHING is the best way to feel sure you’re on the right track and get the help you need however you’re feeling stuck!

Coaching is offered by Josh Kellar, owner of NCEExamPrep. He will spend time discussing your questions and help you feel encouraged along the way.

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Discover what is holding you back and take a step closer to passing the
National Counselor Exam!

Ask about the NCE

Get clarity on what to expect with the test. Ask questions about how its scored, structured, administered, etc.

Understand NCE Content

There's a lot that's covered. Get specific answers to questions from any of the content areas.

Plan Action Strategy

Make sure you're headed in the right direction and learn to adjust your plan if needed.

Identify Obstacles

Pinpoint exactly where you are struggling and get practical answers on how to overcome.

You're not alone

Countless test-takers have felt overwhelmed by the challenges of taking the NCE.

  • The amount of content,
  • Years away from graduate school
  • Competing time demands
  • Test anxiety
  • Confusion about logistics

All reasons people become concerned about passing! You don’t have to worry!

NCEExamPrep Coaching is here to help you personally feel better about whatever difficulties you are facing. It’s one-on-one and custom tailored to the needs that YOU have. 

The time you spend coaching with Josh will be exactly what you want it to be. He’s committed to getting your questions ahead of time to be prepared to use your time well during your coaching session. 

How it Works:

NCEExamPrep Coaching is available exclusively for Guaranteed Study Package customers. 

1. Have an active enrollment in the Guaranteed Study Package

NCEExamPrep Coaching is exclusively for those who have bought a GSP.

2. Follow the link to schedule your coaching session

Appointment links are provided via email and in the GSP group in your NCE Portal. There is a fully refundable $40 deposit to secure your spot on the calendar. It's refunded automatically when you keep the appointment.

3. Include your questions when you schedule!

30 minutes goes by fast. We can maximize your time by having questions planned in advance. This also gives Josh a chance to make sure he is able to walk through providing the best answers possible.

4. Show up for your coaching session!

We will spend the time on what is most important to you. The goal is for you to feel GREAT as you continue on your preparation journey!

Read What Others Say About Working with Josh!

Yesterday, I took my NCE exam and passed! I guess there is hope for someone who graduated with their masters 23 years ago

I'd be remiss if I didn't tell you how much I appreciate all of your help and encouragement throughout the last 90 days. Your patience, knowledge and encouragement helped me pass the exam. I will definitely miss seeing you on Tuesday night zooms!

I passed yesterday! It’s been 20 plus years since grad school. I learned all of grad school in the last 3 months. Your prep was very comprehensive and gave me great confidence.

In addition to the preparation materials, I also just wanted to take a moment to compliment you on the genuineness that you show in all your workshop videos and in the gentle ways you responded to each participant. I watched so many! You have a wonderful way with people and I learned a lot from watching you listen, reaffirm and gently guide the conversation. That's a skill to be proud of!

Stay well and thank you again!

I took my exam yesterday and I passed. I am blessed to have josh to help me pass. Thank you for your encouragement, caring, and always their to help me when I needed the help. Thanks for always being there when I needed you.

I joined the one and done group!!!!! Thank you Josh!

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