NCE Group Tutoring With Lesson Replays

NCE Group Tutoring With Lesson Replays


Your 6 month* enrollment includes:

  1. Unlimited viewing of recorded videos from Group Tutoring Lessons from June 2022-September 2023.
  2. Downloadable Handouts/Slides related to tutoring session.

This is NOT live tutoring. If you are interested in NCE Coaching, it included as a bonus for all Guaranteed Study Package users.



 NCE Group Tutoring Video Replays

The LIVE Group Tutoring Sessions Ended Sept 12, 2023.  

Every tutoring session has been recorded and added to the archive for viewing at your convenience

The NCE Group Tutoring will help you focus attention on a specific subject covered on the NCE.  Emphasis will be on application for test questions with samples provided each session. Each month the tutoring sessions will have a different emphasis.

Current Archived Lessons Include Group Tutoring Sessions Covering the Following:

Group Tutoring Archived Lessons

Date RecordedSubject AreaContent AreaTime
220607Research & StatisticsStatistics1:03:35
220614Research & StatisticsUnderstanding the Bell Curve1:02:06
220614.1Research & StatisticsWhat’s Up With The Bell Curve0:03:32
220621Research & StatisticsBell Curve Practice0:39:56
220628Research & StatisticsSkewed Distributions & Measures of Relationship0:39:26
220706Research & StatisticsStatistics – Practice Problems0:59:07
220712Career & Vocational TheoryTrait & Factor Theorists, Holland0:52:36
220719Career & Vocational TheoryCareer Theorists, Work Adjustment Theory, Accident/Chance Theory0:59:36
220726Career & Vocational TheorySocial Learning Career and Vocational Theory, Status Attainment Theory, Human Capital Theory, Social Factors1:07:52
220802Career & Vocational TheoryDevelopmental/Life Span Career & Vocational Theory0:55:46
220809Career & Vocational TheoryDecision Making Career & Vocational Theory0:59:19
220816Career & Vocational TheoryCognitive Information Processing, Social-Cognitive Career Theory, Career Resources0:50:57
220823Career & Vocational TheoryEthical Guidelines, Additional Terms1:00:15
220830Group Theories & TechniquesLeadership Styles0:54:54
220830.1Group Theories & TechniquesLeadership Role0:14:28
220906Group Theories & TechniquesDevelopmental Stages and Structure0:59:29
220913Group Theories & TechniquesMember Role and Curative Factors1:04:15
220922Group Theories & TechniquesGroup Types, Research & Miscellaneous0:58:52
220927Group Theories & TechniquesPsychodymanic, Adlerian, Person-Centered, Existential, Gestalt0:52:55
221004Group Theories & TechniquesTA, Behavioral, REBT, Reality, LIfe Stage0:55:37
221012Assessment & AppraisalReliability & Validity1:55:22
221024Assessment & AppraisalConsiderations and Additional Terms0:16:31
221025Assessment & AppraisalSelected Instruments1:03:44
221101Family TherapyHistory, Systems Theory0:58:05
221108Family TherapyPsychodynamic and Satir’s Experiential Theory1:04:06
221115Family TherapyWhiteaker & Structural1:00:07
221122Family TherapyStrategic & Bowen0:58:07
221129Family TherapyMilan & CBFT0:58:37
221206Family TherapyBrief Solution-Focused & Narrative0:59:18
221213Family TherapyIntegrative & Communications Models1:01:24
230103Human Growth & DevelopmentIntro & Psychoanaltic – Freud0:54:55
230110Human Growth & DevelopmentJung, Adler, Hartman, Sullivan & Horney0:50:03
230117Human Growth & DevelopmentErikson, Chickering, Object Relations0:54:12
230124Human Growth & DevelopmentExistential/Humanist, Cognitive Theories- Piaget, Elkind1:04:38
230131Human Growth & DevelopmentExistential/Humanist, Cognitive Theories- Kohlberg, Gilligan, others0:44:29
230208Human Growth & DevelopmentCognitive Theories- Havighurst, Information Processing, Personality0:46:52
230214Human Growth & DevelopmentBehavioral Theories-Classical and Operant Conditioning0:54:06
230221Human Growth & DevelopmentBehavioral Theories-Vicarious Conditioning1:03:25
230228Human Growth & DevelopmentEthological, Biological and Physical Theories1:01:06
230307Human Growth & DevelopmentTheory Comparison Chart and Practice Questions0:27:25
230321Professional Orientation and EthicsFormation of the Counseling Profession0:47:15
230328Professional Orientation and EthicsEthical Concerns0:58:53
230404Professional Orientation and EthicsLegal Concerns0:50:18
230411Research & StatisticsDefinition, Variables, Sampling0:52:49
230418Research & StatisticsDesign, Validity, Measurement0:56:35
230425Abnormal Human DevelopmentDSM5-TR, Neurodevelopmental, Schizophrenia Disorders0:42:15
230502Abnormal Human DevelopmentBipolar, Depressive, Anxiety, OCD, Trauma1:05:24
230509Abnormal Human DevelopmentDissociative, Conduct, Elimination, Food Intake, Sleep-Wake Disorders1:15:31
230516Abnormal Human DevelopmentSubstance Use Disorders and a Stanine Explanation Bonus0:56:50
230523Abnormal Human DevelopmentNeurocognitive Disorders, Personality Disorders, Paraphillic Disorders0:42:39
230530Social, Cultural and Family IssuesResearch Procedures and Social Psychology Theories0:57:08
230606Social, Cultural and Family IssuesSocial Context Issues0:58:14
230613Social, Cultural and Family IssuesLeading Cause of Death and Family Living Patterns1:03:29
230620Social, Cultural and Family IssuesApproaches to Vewing Culture & Cross Cultural Dimensions0:52:31
230627Social, Cultural and Family IssuesNames and Terms1:07:48
230711ConsultationDefinitions, Models, Establishing Consultation Relationship0:52:37
230718ConsultationSkills and Ethical Concerns0:58:06
230808Referral, Triage, & AdvocacyDefinition of a Crisis, Differences with Psychotherapy, Types of Crises0:53:54
230815Referral, Triage, & AdvocacyCrisis Assessment Models & Characteristics of Effective Crisis Workers0:52:17
230822Referral, Triage, & AdvocacySteps, Categories & Referral0:53:46
230829Referral, Triage, & AdvocacyAdvocacy, Multicultural Sensitivity & Ethical Concerns0:56:00
230905SupervisionDefinition, Types, Models1:04:11
230912SupervisionSupervisory Relationship, Methods, Formats and Ehtical/Legal Issues0:57:31


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